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in a contemporay way embracing the Gospel

What is a Vocation?

Many people use the Word Vocation (from the latin word Vocare,meaning to Call) in reference to the call to be a priest, brother or sister. However our Catholic understanding of vocation is much broader: every baptised person has a vocation -a call to love and serve God.How youlived out that call is what each one of us must discern. Some feel called to live as single or married, others as ordained as priests and deacons, yet all following the Lord.

Would you like take the journey along the path of St Francis and Clare?

As a community ,we follow the Franciscan Third Order Regular Rule ,with the zeal of the East rekindled by the patience of St Macarius.Franciscan at heart,we engage in the mixed life, emphasizing the Contemplating and active lives of the Franciscan way of life.




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