Welcome to Franciscans Brothers and Sisters Of Compassion

Living the franciscan way of life uniquely
in a contemporay way embracing the Gospel

The journey started 15 years ago in 2004 when two friars from the Belgium Capuchin Province prompted by the Lord started in a little way what is known today as Franciscans Of Compassion (Franciscanos Compassionis). Friar Pio and Antonio Vale engaged in evangelism met a group of

people with whom many Friars have not been successful in attending to. These were men and women from the East ,byzantine and Orthodox Catholics. Living with them after sometimes shared light on the power of service ,and drawing from the ideals of the Church Fathers. The faith in its various expressions was a sign and a gift from God as St Francis seeing every elements of the Universe as a Gift from God to us:Brother Sun as Francis loves to call the Sun and embracing the leper enlightened the Friars to a deeper commitment to the Gospel.


The two(2) friars just sought to pray with them,work with them.

After a time of prayer and discernment, it was evident, the Lord was calling them to a Franciscan Community that will be a

-sign of Unity between the West and East,

-living the simplicity of St Francis ,

-service in the manner of Christ without distinction

-the Orthodoxy of faith from the Apostolic Traditions

-imitating the Desert Fathers

-a School of holiness

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