Welcome to Franciscans Brothers and Sisters Of Compassion

Living the franciscan way of life uniquely
in a contemporay way embracing the Gospel

The Franciscans Of Compassion  an Association of the Faithfuls, comprised of Catholics men and Women, both married and single, Romans and Eastern Catholics,Orthodox and those in communion with the Church, committed to the Rule of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis.  Members live in fraternity in community and also  independently, are financially self- supporting the community and strive for Spiritual Perfection by following the Gospel life as exemplified by Saint Francis of Assisi.

We follow the Third Order Regular.We promise honor,reverence ,respect to our Holy Father the Pope, to the various Patriachs , Primate and  Local ordinaries where we are present ,while living in the Spirit of Poverty, Humility, Obedience as either Chaste/Married or Chaste/Celibate of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like the early Brothers of Penance (Original name of the Franciscan Movement), the Fraternity links the regular and the Secular life.

United with all Christians who wish to attain eternal salvation, we commit ourselves to a life of constant conversion.Metanoia is the root value of our Franciscan tradition and comes forth in poverty, minority and contemplation.




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